Drone Data in QGIS for Agricultural Research

This is an example and starting point for multispectral image analysis designed for beginners. The lessons can be taught in approximately 2 hours. They start with importing and visualizing drone based multispectral data in QGIS and move through how to extract data values for areas of interest in both a manual, low throughput method and a more automated, high throughput method in conjunction with R scripts.


  1. Setting up
  2. Multispectral Data Visualization
  3. Multispectral Data Extraction (Low throughput)
  4. Multispectral Data Extraction (High throughput)


These lessons are meant to be hands-on with users following along on their own computers. Please, download the data and software before starting. QGIS is a cross platform technology but sometimes looks and behaves differently on different operating systems. So please note that these lessons were developed and tested using Windows.


Data files for the lessons are available and can be downloaded HERE.